Wednesday, 21 April 2010


The year 2009 was declared as 'The International Year for Reconciliation' by the United Nations.This has a great relevance in a time when we see the world divided into fragments.
Reconciliation is the only way forward. We have seen for a time long enough that hate and force is counter productive. Hate produces more hate and love produces more love. Keeping these things in mind, the usage of the principles of 'Gandhism' in conflict resolution and reconciliation gains paramount importance.
In February 2008, The Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd gave a landmark speech in which he apologised to the aborginal natives for all the discrimination and dejection they have faced over the times.Though this cannot undo the past, it definitely united the two major communities of Australia i.e., the Anglo- Saxons and the Native aborginies much closer.This illustration proves the fact of the relevance of 'Gandhism' in the contemporary world.
This year in summer,Israel bombed the Gaza Strip indiscriminately and disproportionately as a result of a slight provocation by the Hamas government of Gaza.The Israeli rockets orphaned thousands of innocent Palestinian children and making many physically handicapped fr no fault of theirs.It can be said that on this that the Israelis did not win the war or teach the Palestinians a lesson, but sowed seeds for a war a generation later and has just postponed the war.The Israelis should not expect to solve the issue this way as hate is counter productive.This problem should be dealt with a reconciliatory approach through constructive diplomacy and peace.
The world knows how Gandhiji won freedom for India in 1947 on the basis of non- violence and peace. Though it took time, but we can see it today that it was a sustainable resolution to the problem.
Resolution of both international and internal conflicts can be achieved through peace and non-violence as it gives sustainable resolutions.
The real reasons for problems like terrorism sould be well understood.The phenomenon of terrorism primarily occurs due to a feeling of insecurity, deprivation and discrimination.All the nations of this world should focus more on balanced development of their area so that noparticular area or class in their country feel deprived or discriminated against.Similarly,the various international developmental institutions should focus more on developing under-developed areas rather than taking up projects in already developed areas.
Gandhism is the way forward for the process of reconciliation to gain momentum and build sustainable peace and harmony.The world should get its act together and heal the wounds of the deprived through peace,non-violence and reconciliation.It is only then that we can make the dream of a peaceful world come true where deprivation is an extinct word and every human is treated equally.

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